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Political drama.

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Just watched The Lady. It’s like The Iron Lady, except the protagonist is made out to be more like a martyr. The Iron Lady managed to portray Margaret Thatcher in a less appealing but more objective light, in the sense that while she is seen to be a capable and determined female leader, viewers are given an insight into her stubborn and tyrannical personality. The Lady was portrayed in a far less objective but far more appealing light; Aung San Suu Kyi seems to have all the virtues of a saint–she appears to have no flaws, and is a graceful stoic who dedicates her entire life to Burma and its transition to democracy. This is probably because The Lady is a Western propaganda piece meant to play up her international image as a heroine and show the crimes against humanity in Burma. Aside from that, similarities are that both women–Aung San Suu Kyi and Margaret Thatcher–are portrayed to have husbands with absolutely no ambition of their own. This is probably true. For only then can they dedicate their entire lives to their wives’ political careers.

 Oh yes, it has also reminded me of the extreme danger of being part of a revolution, of which I’ve always dreamed. The Lady had real footage of student protesters being sentenced to hard labour and then execution. The military lined them up in a row and shot them. From another perspective, in The Lady, Margaret Thatcher makes the decision to go to war over the Falkland Islands, killing hundreds and maybe thousands of British and Argentinian soldiers. It’s difficult to see so much blood spill for politics. Yet it seems that political achievement can never be attained without bloodshed, whether it’s the blood of soldiers, of civilians…or of politicians. I can’t imagine myself as a martyr, leading a revolution and being shot by the military. I can’t imagine myself as a political leader, declaring war and ordering the military to shoot people. Shoot, order the military to shoot, or be shot. That is a prospect that will always frighten me.


Protected: Regrets and Reflections.

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