Hey there, reader. Thanks for stopping by, but I make no promises on the quality of writing here.

I’m 18. I live  in Singapore. I started this blog when I was 13 in the middle of an IT lesson in secondary school.

I spent a really long time studying in one of Singapore’s “branded” local schools but I couldn’t really fit in (it was hard for anyone to fit in, really.) Ultimately, I chose to leave the system and study someplace else. I’m better for it!

I make the most perfect oatmeal in my microwave. The key is to add enough milk, not too much honey, and leave it in the microwave for 2 minutes and 36 seconds. Try it yourself.



  1. i see that your aspirations are grweat and judging by the rest of your blog posts, you are going to have a bright future ahead of you 🙂 hope for more updates soon. and i would like to know your views of communism.
    look forward to your next post 🙂
    best regards, megwannabebertha

  2. Dear Risa, I had just read your blog post after picking up on the Today website on Anton Casey and thought that you should get all the encouragement to continue. I am 62 but I think you are more mature than me to be able to think and express openly like you do. There will always be opposition to everything you write even when you are absolutely right. So don’t give up. Regards. Levi Chan

    • Dear Levi, thank you so much. It is so encouraging when more and more readers read my blog, and even more encouraging when they subscribe to it. But nothing is quite as encouraging as comments like yours 🙂 have a happy CNY!

  3. Hey Risa, not to sure if you are the same person, but I recently saw a TEDx talk by a certain Risa Tan, it was about Singlish and the government’s attitude towards it.
    I am a student in Singapore, currently studying in NJC. Would be really grateful to have a chance to personally speak with you.
    Facebook message me please, if possible.

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